Today, YouEarnedIt is proud to announce the release of Insights 2.0 – an enhanced people analytics feature suite with two aims: the quantification of the employee experience and the gamification of engagement.


Companies that successfully leverage analytics and big data will be positioned to outperform their peers in executing their talent strategies.

-Josh Bersin, Bersin by Deloitte

With this update to our Insights offering, YouEarnedIt harnesses the remarkable amount of raw data available in our descriptive reports and dashboards and turns it into easy-to-understand, immediately actionable insights that drive our customers’ business objectives.

Companies are quickly tapping into big data to understand human interactions and how to improve collaboration, optimize efforts to engage employees, and retain their best and brightest. The elephant in the room, however, is that it requires too much effort to quickly apply that data. And data for the sake of data does little to nothing to help you make more informed decisions.

That’s why YouEarnedit takes on the analysis of how your employees are engaging with one another on a daily basis and factors it against the value that they’re assigning to those interactions via our points system. We pull together this information along with a filterable combination of other useful sets of facts – like budget figures and reports – to deliver actionable people analytics that help you and your business make smarter, real-time decisions.

Available for all YouEarnedIt customers no matter their company size and at no additional cost, Insights 2.0 is a key functionality that consists of four new analytics views:

  • Engagement: Identifies the most (and least) engaged employees within an entire organization or filtered group using YouEarnedIt’s proprietary insights scoring algorithm
  • Budget: Provides detailed spending information and an end-to-end view of budget allocation
  • Milestones: Gives managers and admins advance notice of anniversaries and birthdays
  • Unusual Activity: Real-time notifications on activity that seems abnormal

Let’s look at two of these views in greater depth: Budget, and Engagement.


The new Budget insights view offers predictability around the lifecycle of reward points to help you understand how points are spent, how much you actually spend on reward fulfillment, and whether you should increase your budget.

At YouEarnedIt, we understand that admins and their CFOs need to know how their budget is spent and if the money they’re investing is actually meeting their desired business outcomes. We built Budget to enhance our existing reporting dashboard to provide more detailed spending information and an end-to-end view of your bottom-line metrics.

Now, admins can better plan by reviewing expiring points, points sitting in redemption balance, and even what employees are spending their points on so you can ensure you’ve got the rewards they want.

These new Budget insights allow admins to estimate how much to budget in any given year and to forecast how much to keep in reward redemption escrow. Using Budget, admins can now make data-driven decisions to optimize their budget and rewards offerings by giving employees rewards they find valuable.


Insights 2.0 also adds a new level of gamification for employees through our Engagement view. Employee access to insights allows them to compare their level of engagement with their peers. This type of friendly competition encourages more active participation and, in turn, provides employees with better visibility into their strengths and encourages employees to take a more active role in their level of participation.

The power of gamification encourages employees to actively engage. Transparency provides insights into the skills and values that lead to high performance.

Insights 2.0 gives leadership greater visibility and the tools to reinforce goals, develop talent, manage budgets, identify unusual activities within the platform, and fine-tune the focus on what makes their company a success – all important factors to drive profitable business results. Now, you can immediately act on your data with surveys, Behavior Bonuses, reward updates, one-on-one coaching, and hundreds of other ways within YouEarnedIt’s flexible platform.

With actionable people analytics available to administrators, managers, and employees across your organization, Insights 2.0 not only gives you increased visibility into what motivates people, but also insights that can be used to retain top talent, identify disengaged employees, and improve the overall employee experience.

And this is just the first step. We have more additions to our Insights feature suite planned in the near future. Stay tuned as we continue to enhance – and quantify – the employee experience.

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