Do your employees think you’re a Bear?

“He wasn’t just a coach,” former USC coach John McKay said of the original Bear. “He was the coach.”

Bear Bryant made a career out of turning around floundering teams. In all his years of coaching college football, he racked up just one losing season and made Maryland, Kentucky, Texas A&M, and Alabama into football powerhouses.

“Motivating people [is] the ingredient that separates winners from losers—in football, in anything,” Bryant wrote. Worker recognition was never far from this legendary manager’s mind: “Be able to recognize winners. They come in all forms.”

Are you positioning your team for success through effective recognition? Or are your MVPs missing out on the potent feedback that supercharges employee performance and engagement on the job?


Effective Feedback Example

Three ways of giving recognition. One will score you a touchdown.

Start coaching your team to the Heisman of your field with our playbook on how to give effective recognition. In it, you’ll get the 411 on how to motivate good employee behavior and performance on not only the major wins, but also the little victories. Celebrating the touchdowns, field goals, and great effort on your team will even increase your productivity and profitability while minimizing safety and quality concerns! It’s the simplest way to increase happiness at work while bolstering employee engagement.

We’ve packed a lot in our winning guide to success through recognition:

  • A “Giving Recognition Like A Pro” checklist
  • A list of 50 employee behaviors worth recognizing
  • A manager’s guide for giving effective feedback
  • And finally…a way to bring it all together with a quick 15-minute training video of game-day tips from the recognition coaching experts at YEI


Don’t just be a boss. Be the boss. Be the Bear your employees need. Click below.



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John Schmidt
John Schmidt