These world-class employees reveal the keys to an incredible workplace!

Here at YouEarnedIt, we’re experts in recognition at work, and with that in mind we asked our customers to tell us who were their most recognized employees. These individuals are highly engaged, lead by example, and can teach organizations a thing or two about building great companies. Representing the top .01% of employees in YouEarnedIt’s platform based on total recognition received, the employees in this eBook share their wisdom that business executives can use to boost engagement at work.

We’ve curated advice from the most recognized and engaged employees representing a variety of ages, tenure, and industry types including healthcare, retail, finance, technology, media, entertainment, advertising, transportation, and hospitality.

Employee Recognition = A Better Workplace

In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • Key traits of exceptional employees
  • Best practices for keeping engagement levels soaring upwards
  • What tangible benefits make a great workplace
  • How leaders bring out the best in their employees
  • Specific ways to boost engagement for everyone

Be sure to read this eBook with the 10 Most Recognized Employees of 2016 and learn practical advice on how your company can go from good to great.

employee recognition top 10 of 2016

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Victor Agreda
Victor Agreda