The main objective of an office environment is to support its occupants, allowing efficient productivity while maximizing performance. Employees need to be able to effectively communicate, problem-solve, collaborate and build relationships. The space should also contribute to employee happiness and morale. This all starts with the barebones—designing your workplace. From lighting to flooring, Chaotic Moon, a design studio located in Austin, has managed to create a physical space that embodies all of the above.

Chaotic Moon’s CEO, Ben Laam, and CCO, Ben McCraw, largely contributed to the design, layout and tone of their energetic office, located right in the heart of downtown Austin. Office Snapshot ranked their office, “The Top 25 Most Popular Offices” in the U.S., alongside Google, Twitter and Adobe.

“The energy in the office is ceaseless—it’s creative, collaborative, and fast-paced. Our office space represents our philosophy: we work together, push things to the limit, and ensure every detail is taken care of.” -Chad Darbyshire, Director of Marketing & Strategic Relationships

Chaotic Moon has worked with some of the hottest companies in the nation, helping to attract the smartest, most creative talent around town. What they look for when hiring employees goes beyond skill set and talent: self-motivation and work ethic impress more than anything else. According to Ben McCraw, they want employees that have the type of mindset that says, “I’m going to get this thing across the finish line. No matter what.”

Chaotic Moon wants to offer a place where designers and engineers can push projects to the limit, explore uncharted territories and step outside the norm every day. Their physical space is a large part of the company culture they have worked so hard to create. It’s fast-paced, detail-oriented and embodies their confident attitude of “We’re The Best.”

For more ideas on how to create a great physical space on a budget, check out the Chaotic Moon case study in our eBook titled “How the Cool Kids Attract and Retain Talent. It’s loaded with tips and other case studies from a variety of companies that get employee engagement right.

How The Cool Kids Attract & Retain Talent