When YouEarnedIt started off in 2012, we didn’t realize that we were on to something huge, but we had a vision and purpose. We wanted to create fun and easy to use employee engagement software that became an “everyday thing” and made a significant difference in people’s lives.

Flash forward a couple of years and we’re now serving 100’s of thousands of engaged employees throughout the world. Employees who now know their work is meaningful. Employees who receive daily feedback and recognition for their contributions and healthy behaviors. Employees who have better relationships with their bosses and peers. And employees who feel the lasting impact they’re making at work and within their communities.

This past week some amazing things happened at YouEarnedIt. I want to share them with you because they are a reflection of WHO we are as a company. They reinforce our position as employee engagement thought leaders and provide tangible proof that a purpose-driven, people-first company culture works.


YouEarnedIt Best Place to Work

Our week started off with the exciting news that YouEarnedIt was voted one of the Best Places to Work in Austin, Texas. We won this award because of our exceptional people. Great products, services, and companies don’t exist without great employees and, it’s because of our them we continue to lead in the employee engagement space with innovative software and knock-your-socks-off customer support.


The same day we learned that YouEarnedIt won the title of Best Place to Work in Austin, we held our first ever Nerf Battle Royale. Our employees pooled together their YouEarnedIt points to fund and launch what turned out to be a powerful team-building exercise.

For 30 minutes, the entire office became a battleground where strategy, collaboration, and out-of-the-box thinking meant the difference between life and (virtual) death.

YouEarnedIt Action Shot Nerf Gun Battle Royale_2016

YouEarnedIt Point Pooling Reward for Nerf Battle

In addition to recognizing great work every day, YouEarnedIt employees are empowered to create and participate in events like group yoga, happy hours, and the Nerf Battle Royale as mentioned above. They happen organically. Other employees push for and facilitate things like healthy snacks, offsite team building events, and ways to make an impact on the community. All of these employee-fueled initiatives lead to a company culture of camaraderie, trust, friendship, and engagement.

They also result in a healthy and great place to work!


Being of service to others is what one of our core values, #LeaveItBetter, is all about and something that’s been an important part of the YouEarnedIt culture and team since the start of the company.

Except our remote teams and me (writing this blog while sick), YouEarnedIt capped off the week by doing something special for the itty bittys at an underserved school in Austin, Texas.

John B. Winn Early College Preparatory opened in 1970 and serves approximately 360 students, 60% of whom are English language learners and 97% of whom are economically disadvantaged.

With limited funds, Winn Elementary is dependent on the community to help out with projects designed to create a happier, healthier, and engaging environment for students.

Team YEI arrived early Friday morning to help build a running track for the kiddos at Winn. We also helped paint and repair walls and doors. It was a hot and humid day, but everyone had fun and felt good about doing something for others. A closing happy hour with cold beer was icing on the cake.

Of course, I’m biased but I wouldn’t choose to write this blog over the weekend while fighting off a cold if not inspired by everyone at YouEarnedIt. It’s our people that lead to my heightened levels of employee engagement and desire to give 102.5%. And it’s a week like this past one that validates why YouEarnedIt is a great place to work.

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