Believe it or not, the simple phrase “thank you” has a pretty profound impact. It can be difficult to say, hard to follow-through with everything else going on, or maybe the delivery is never quite what you expected.

I know we’ve all heard this over and over, but the need for appreciation and recognition translates to big bucks for companies. Yet, reminding people that a recognition-rich culture impacts the bottom-line isn’t profound enough to cause serious change in the workplace, or mentioning that a well-recognized employee has increased trust and engagement, better productivity, and delivers better customer service hasn’t quite convinced some that implementing a solid employee recognition and engagement program is good business. In fact, we know this to be true since 50% of people claim to have left their previous employer for a lack of appreciation and recognition. We’ve always said it should be authentic and simple, so this week we bring you some of the most creative and real ways our YouEarnedIt customers have given recognition to someone else:

“Thanks for getting our heat back on….brrrrrr…..”

“Thanks for the coffee. Zombies at work do not a good presentation make.”

“Thanks for your technical leadership, technical leader.”

“I’m speechless, but not “point”less. You rock and these are well-deserved thanks for all your problem solving this week.”

“I’d give you a million points if I could. You rock. Every day. Every single way. Ok, that’s enough. I couldn’t do this without you.”

There are lots of ways to express it, but the point is, make sure you do. Contact us if you’d like some help in the process.