From top to bottom, everything about the YouEarnedIt Activity Feed has been designed with one purpose:

Reveal and recognize the positive pulse of your company.

The YouEarnedIt Activity Feed

View real-time, company-wide recognition

What if your company had a constantly-updated feed where everything positive happening across the company was displayed?

A feed where managers recognize employees, ensuring every small victory is celebrated.

A feed where peers recognize peers, revealing hidden all-stars.

A feed where your organization’s core values are on display.

A feed where your company culture shines.

If that sounds like something that would grab your interest, you’re not alone. The positive pulse seen in the YouEarnedIt Activity Feed is engaging for employees and leadership alike, making it a simple-to-use yet indispensable tool.

My favorite thing is how it brings the company together. We have global offices, but this unifies the employee base like nothing else we have.

Daniel Whang, Global Compensation and Benefits Specialist, Promethean World

Get involved via High Fives and comments

If the look of the YouEarnedIt Activity Feed has a familiar social network feel to you or your employees, that’s on purpose. This activity feed is social — but with an employee recognition twist.

The activity feed doesn’t just shine the spotlight on good behaviors happening within the organization. Leaders and employees from across the company can add their own thoughts to a piece of recognition via comments.
YouEarnedIt Activity Feed High Five Comments
Anyone can also High Five a piece of recognition in the activity feed. This unique feature is more than just a passive “Like” on a post. Each High Five awards five more YouEarnedIt points to the recipient, allowing anyone in the organization to make recognition more meaningful.

YouEarnedIt is the perfect platform for a global business like ours.

Andy Stevens, Head of Content & Campaigns, Promethean World

Bring the activity feed anywhere

Worried about whether or not employees will remember to check the activity feed? Don’t be. Thanks to YouEarnedIt’s available apps and integrations, activity feed data can go anywhere your employees are:

  • On employees’ mobile phones via the YouEarnedIt iOS and Android apps
  • On communication tools like Slack, Yammer, and Salesforce Chatter
  • On your organization’s intranet

You can even display a real-time activity feed on screens throughout your offices, warehouses, corporate events, and more:
Meet YouEarnedIt's Redesigned Real-time Activity Feed

See for yourself

To see the Activity Feed in action for yourself, request a live demo anytime.

Want to see more features of the YouEarnedIt platform that help you create a high-performance team and a purpose-driven workplace? You can browse more in our product tour.