After poring over more than 100,000 applicants from America and Australia, YouEarnedIt has chosen the Top Ten Most Recognized Employees. These employees have provided invaluable advice on what it means to be engaged, happy and effective at work. Soon you’ll be able to download this ebook and learn who the top ten are, and learn from their experiences as most recognized in their workplaces.

Working with hundreds of companies and seeing feedback from tens of thousands of employees gives YouEarnedIt a unique perspective into workplace culture. The Top 10 Most Recognized Employees puts faces to these numbers, giving a personal perspective on the companies that empower their employees to be inspired, engaged and happy.

“Too often, managers listen to other managers and executives, but are not seeking the opinions of those most valuable to the company — the employees,” said Autumn Manning, co-founder, and CEO of YouEarnedIt. “Opening the conversation to this superb pool of employees can give owners and managers a fresh perspective on what it takes to truly be successful in terms of employee engagement.”

In this ebook you’ll learn: 

  • Advice for other organizations to boost employee engagement and create a great place to work
  • Detail and insight of what makes employee engagement successful
  • Unique perspective into workplace culture across multiple corporate cultures
  • Personal perspectives on the companies that empower their employees to be inspired, engaged and happy
  • The traits and skills that make great employees
  • Essential knowledge for recruiting employees that align with the culture and objectives of an organization
  • How to effectively connect and communicate with peers and manager
  • Anecdotes and advice that demonstrated how to cultivate teamwork and positivity

Representing the top .01% of recognized employees in the database, this list awards individuals for their exemplary efforts in the workplace. It’s the first time elite employees from retail, hospitality, finance, healthcare, advertising and media, transportation and technology industries share bottom-up advice on how to master employee engagement. These visionaries vary in job title/rank, years with the company, and includes both Gen X and Gen Y.

Download the ebook today!

employee recognition top 10 of 2016

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Victor Agreda
Victor Agreda