Welp, it’s official. Add one more item to the list of things employee recognition can do for you: pain reliever.

For your company’s growing pains, that is. 😉

The team at Zuora, a red-hot subscription management software, is no stranger to growing pains. As its workforce doubled several years in a row, the company realized preserving its company culture, boosting engagement, and reinforcing the importance of employee recognition were priorities.

After a company-wide survey revealed the need for more day-to-day employee recognition, Zuora knew it was time to act. They adopted the YouEarnedIt platform — first with a 100-employee pilot, then company-wide to all 600+ employees across the globe. The results have been incredible: Today, 91% of employees are actively sending peer to peer employee recognition, and 99% are receiving it.

I use it regularly to reach our employees around the world.

Tien Tzuo, Co-Founder and CEO, Zuora

Want to see more? We’ve published the full details of Zuora’s unique challenges and employee recognition results in our latest case study!

Zuora Case Study - YouEarnedIt

Download here!

How does employee recognition ease growing pains?

“Growing pains” can mean a lot more than being sore from moving more desks into the office. UCLA Management Professor Eric Flamholtz recently identified some common growing pains, such as:

“People lack understanding about where the company is headed.”

“People feel insecure about their place at the company.”

“People are not aware of what other people are doing.”

Sound familiar? In addition to being symptoms of growing pains, these are exactly the kinds of challenges companies like Zuora are solving by enabling easy-to-use, peer-to-peer employee recognition that’s visible to the whole company.

Growing pains aren’t just caused by an expanding headcount. Is your customer base growing? Your product’s feature set? Your sales goals? Any of these could be throwing employee engagement out of whack at your company, so be on the lookout for common symptoms.

While you’re at it, be sure to grab Zuora’s case study today to see how they eased their pain, and feel free to reach out if we can help you with your own.


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