The Customer
Emerging from a multi-bank merger in 2015, today Bear State Bank has 45 branches across the South Central United States.


The Culture
Bear State Bank knows there are common divides at companies in the financial industry — whether it’s between departments or branches — and strives to keep a connected culture that celebrates everyone’s success together.


The Challenge
After the dust settled from their major merger, Bear State Bank sensed a fractured company culture with silos forming between departments. They needed a system everyone could use to create a cohesive company culture.


How We Helped
Thanks to YouEarnedIt’s ease of use and mobile apps, Bear State employees are able to send in-the-moment, peer-to-peer recognition anytime, anywhere. Adoption has soared: 98% of employees use the platform, and 95% are “power users” by HR’s measurements. Recognition is happening across locations, and this once-fractured culture is now a unified community.