The Customer

ProPak is a proactive provider of leading-edge logistics, transportation and supply chain management solutions.

The Culture

The company has 65 locations in 17 states. Most Propak employees work remotely and don’t have face time with each other. Real-time recognition gets pretty tough.

The Challenge

Not only does ProPak want to reduce the inefficiency of running three different manual programs for Safety Awards, Service Awards, and Recognition, but it needs an innovative way to keep its employees engaged with managers — and with each other.

How We Helped

The flexible YouEarnedIt platform means ProPak can combine three programs into one easy, simple software that manages everything. And with the unique social aspect of YouEarnedIt, ProPak employees stay connected as they give and receive recognition for the outstanding work at the company. The best part? Propak employees can now learn best practices around safety by reading the social activity feed full of positive recognition and praise. Using an online, fun reward-and-recognition program has proven to be contagious at ProPak, and it’s brought out a good-natured competitiveness in the workforce.