What is YouEarnedIt? Can I see an overview or product tour?

YouEarnedIt is an award-winning employee experience platform that delivers engagement, retention, performance management, and improved business metrics. For years, the YouEarnedIt platform has helped hundreds of organizations see proven, measurable results by streamlining their business needs and initiatives onto one powerful platform:
YouEarnedIt Features
You can see an overview of YouEarnedIt’s major features in this short video

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Tell me more about the employee experience. What's the business case for this?

Today’s winning companies are thinking holistically about the overall employee experience — investing in people rather than perks and parties.

The Employee Experience is the result of the connection, meaning, impact, and appreciation employees find in their jobs. The quality of the employee experience depends on how much these four pillars are embedded in an employee’s cumulative day-to-day interactions with corporate values, coworkers, management, customers, work content, tools and technology, and even physical environment.

The results of a study published on Harvard Business Review revealed that companies investing in the employee experience are four times as profitable as those that don’t.

YouEarnedIt’s customers see proven ROI from our employee experience platform. A third-party ROI study of YouEarnedIt customers found they see:

Will my employees use it?

At YouEarnedIt, we understand that rolling out a new platform to your employees means nothing if they don’t use it.

Choosing YouEarnedIt as a partner means your organization gets ongoing, hands-on support from our Customer Success team of experts. These professionals help ensure a seamless setup along with integrations and internal messaging to make certain you experience a successful launch, ongoing high usage, and the ROI you expect – all with minimal distraction to your team.

This is one of the reasons YouEarnedIt’s customer retention rate is one of the highest in the industry. What’s more, along with employee adoption of YouEarnedIt, companies that leverage the platform see up to 50% growth in participation of corporate programs such as health and wellness, learning and development, training sessions, and more. This participation drives tremendous improvement in performance and productivity.

Our customers achieve significant adoption across all industries:

  • A chain of banks reported 98% of all employees were still active across 45 branches after 12 months
  • A construction company is seeing 93% of its management active on the platform
  • A technology company is experiencing 99% of employees receiving recognition on the platform

Can YouEarnedIt integrate with tools and services we already use?

Yes! There are multiple aspects of YouEarnedIt’s platform setup and integrations:

  • Customer Success: get ongoing, hands-on guidance on training, project management, and internal launch support with YouEarnedIt’s Customer Success team
  • Available HRIS integrations: industry-leading SSO mechanisms and user management with dozens of top HRIS systems, including ADP, Namely, BambooHR, Salesforce, Workday, and more
  • Secure information: all company information passing through YouEarnedIt is fully encrypted
  • Streamlined setup: launch within four weeks on average
  • Tailored look and feel: cobrand the platform to your look and feel, and develop advanced visualizations or integrations with YouEarnedIt’s open API

Are there more case studies showing how this is this working for other companies?

Absolutely. Hundreds of YouEarnedIt customers have used our platform for years to improve their employee experience every day. You’ll find many case studies in our Resources area, including:

  • A computer software company finding global solutions for recognition and corporate programs.
  • A credit union seeing a 49% reduction in quit rate.
  • A financial services company experiencing drastically reduced admin costs while building an award-winning culture.
  • A non-profit with a 30% reduction in voluntary and involuntary terminations while using just 13% of its employee rewards budget.

Find more case studies here.

Can I see a demonstration of YouEarnedIt?

Anytime. To speak with one of our employee engagement experts and view a quick, custom demo of how YouEarnedIt can help your organization, request a demo here.