Why YouEarnedIt?

What is YouEarnedIt and how does it work?

YouEarnedIt works with companies to better engage their people. This happens by enabling employees to send real-time recognition, receive rewards that are actually meaningful (while saving the company time and money!), and insightful employee analytics that build better company cultures. Almost any initiative aimed at employee engagement can be folded into YouEarnedIt, so you’ll see it described as a total employee engagement platform. Watch this quick overview video to learn how the YouEarnedIt platform delivers real-time recognition, meaningful rewards and experiences, connection, collaboration, and actionable insights that drive engagement and business results.

How it works is simple! Employees can send and receive real-time recognition, tag it with a company’s core values, and use the activity feed to keep a pulse on the great things their coworkers and peers are doing across the company. Along with this recognition, employees receive rewards points which can be spent on rewards ranging from hundreds of digital gift cards, thousands of product, custom company experiences or swag, and ways to give back to meaningful causes.

As peer-to-peer recognition is sent around the company, leaders can see real-time reporting about their teams, providing insights into what’s engaging everyone.

Why should I implement this? Lay out the ROI for me.

ROI comes in all shapes and sizes based on your industry — from increased sales, better customer service, retaining your top talent, and increased productivity across the board. For a complete deep dive, check this out.

There’s a good reason HR dollars continue to chase employee engagement — its overall impact on the company’s bottom line. Research shows that over 70 percent of people are not engaged at work, and as crazy as this is, that number hasn’t improved over the last few years. The cost of disengagement to the U.S. economy is $350 billion in lost productivity per year. When employees become disengaged, the risk of losing them is too high, and the cost even higher: 150 to 350 percent of an employee’s annual salary is the price to replace them. The bottom line is, disengaged employees cost companies a lot of time, not to mention the ripple effect they have throughout the company culture.

Employees want and expect real-time feedback and appreciation so they can be their very best. When someone has the benefit of an ongoing stream of recognition for all their work, the team easily sees productivity increases to the tune of 60%.

How do we know this won't be another thing our company has that employees don't use?

Put simply, it’s because you’re giving employees something they’ll actually love.

Think about it: Every interaction with YouEarnedIt involves highlighting the good at your company, receiving employee recognition, or meaningful employee rewards. That’s a recipe for truly organic interest.

Plus, YouEarnedIt can go anywhere your employees are thanks to its robust API, mobile apps, and integrations with many of the tools your employees already use everyday.

We have locations in multiple countries, will YouEarnedIt work for us?

Employee recognition, employee rewards, and employee engagement are all universal needs. We have the good fortune to work with employees in over 65+ countries across the globe.

Is YouEarnedIt difficult to get up and running?

The YouEarnedIt approach to Customer Success is one of our greatest differentiators. Our team partners with you to make implementation simple, enabling your team to quickly learn how to integrate, set-up, and communicate the new system to your company.

Your very own success manager will pilot you through implementation and beyond to ensure your goals are top-of-mind. We’ll guide you every step of the way.

Ready for even more awesomeness? Our average go-live time is only 30 days! We work closely with your team to make sure that the entire launch process moves at the right speed, ensuring that it aligns with your company’s initiatives every step of the way.

Can the YouEarnedIt platform incorporate our programs like employee training?

Absolutely. Over the years, YouEarnedIt’s custom features have evolved to where any company can get creative with methods of rewarding and recognizing employee behaviors.

Really, any behavior or initiative you want to drive can be pulled in, from things like training or onboarding milestones to encouraging cross-company mentorship — even employee wellness.

See for yourself! Here’s how one publicly-traded company is getting total employee engagement across multiple initiatives.

Employee Engagement

What is employee engagement?

YouEarnedIt defines engaged employees as individuals who are fully involved and enthusiastic about their work, their co-workers and their company.

Employee engagement leads to positive business outcomes including:

  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced team and individual performance
  • Retention of top talent and reduced employee replacement costs
  • Better customer service
  • Reduced absenteeism and sick days
  • Overall better company financial performance
  • A happier culture and place to work

Only 17 percent of employees feel they receive deserved recognition. Many times that recognition happens once a year at performance review time. This can result in a loss of talent and costly employee-replacement. The YEI platform fosters a company culture of appreciation and allows employees to recognize each other on a daily basis and have meaningful feedback connected to behaviors that matter to the employee and the company.

What’s the impact of having an engaged workforce?

Managers who are great at recognizing the efforts of their team see engagement improve by 60 percent, and found that when employees are engaged the results show improvement in other areas.
Some areas of improvement include:

  • 31 percent increase in team performance
  • 37 percent better sales
  • 42 percent better customer satisfaction
  • 51 percent lower turnover

Managing YouEarnedIt

What size team or company will benefit from YouEarnedIt?

YouEarnedIt can be enjoyed with a team or department of 50 people, or a company of thousands. This makes YouEarnedIt nice for companies just starting to focus on employee recognition and engagement, and continues to work for companies even when they have thousands of people spread across multiple locations.

How long does it take to launch YouEarnedIt?

You can be ready to go within an hour. Sign up and we’ll walk you through all the necessary steps to launch. If you are interested in support or integrating YouEarnedIt with another system, email us at contactus@youearnedit.com and we can provide details. Either way, we’ve made the launch process simple so you can get started as soon as you’d like.

Should we allow everyone in the company to give others recognition?

The answer to this really depends on company demographics and culture. We recommend that all employees should have the ability to give and receive recognition because we have seen the significant impact this has had on employee engagement and culture. Trusting your workforce to be the eyes and ears of your culture is where the magic happens.

This might scare some companies away. Can we mention that you do not HAVE to use peer-to-peer giving to see great results? Top-Down giving works too!

What exactly goes into award fulfillment? Can we provide our own rewards?

This is completely up to you! Because our Customer Success team helps you tailor employee rewards to your culture and budget, every company’s catalog is unique.

Are you using some of our default rewards, such as gift cards and personal items? If so, the YouEarnedIt platform helps fulfill it the moment it’s approved. Items like digital eGift cards or donations can be processed immediately, while physical goods go through standard shipping procedure.

Are you using custom rewards and experiences in your catalog? (For example: “Make the CEO wear a sombrero for a day!”) YouEarnedIt will help showcase, notify, approve, and track these, but ultimately we won’t be there in person to put a sombrero on someone’s head. 🙂

Note: YouEarnedIt DOES NOT profit from any rewards you set up, so it really is our mission to help make these as meaningful as we can for your company.

Can we categorize our recognition against our company core values?

Yes! Categories are unique way for users to “tag” their recognition against your company’s core values/strategies/principles. Adding categories allows your employees to send meaningful, targeted recognition against key performance objectives or cultural values for your company. By rewarding behaviors that align with a core value, the right behaviors are reinforced throughout the organization.

Does YouEarnedIt provide user authentication?

Yes! We can work with you to authenticate your users in a way that works best for your organization and systems already in place. With our fully documented API, YouEarnedIt can connect to your intranet, Active Directory, or other tools you may already have in place so you have a lot of freedom. Contact us for details.

Do you integrate with...

YouEarnedIt securely syncs your employee data from a wide array of HRIS systems via SFTP. In addition, we have multiple integrations that we’ve built for various popular systems. If you’re looking for more customization than these options provide, we have great news for you: the same powerful API that we use internally to power the YouEarnedIt platform is available for our customers and partners to use to build their own custom solutions. Contact us today to learn more.

How secure is your platform? How do you protect any of our data you've integrated with?

We wouldn’t be where we are today if client security wasn’t a priority. YouEarnedIt is hosted by AWS — trusted by numerous Fortune 500 companies today as one of the most secure, reliable, and scalable partners possible — and supports PGP encryption. Want more info? Just ask! Our tech team is always happy to talk about our obsession with security.

If I am the internal administrator for YouEarnedIt, will it take a ton of time?

Nope! We’ve built YouEarnedIt with this in mind. Traditional programs take a lot of manual time, whether that’s for ordering rewards, managing approvals, or other tasks. YouEarnedIt takes a minimal amount of time because the platform does all of the heavy lifting We give you the option to let us manage all reward fulfillment for you. Though setups can vary, as an administrator, you’ll spend roughly one hour per week with the YouEarnedIt program at most.

Success story: See how Return Path streamlined their manual processes with YouEarnedIt. Today they’re saving time and tens of thousands of dollars compared to their previous rewards solution.

How do I know employees won't constantly waste time on the YouEarnedIt platform. Is it like Facebook?

Employees can post recognition, leave comments, and have other interactions on YouEarnedIt. That sounds social network-y to some. Is our company one login away from watching cat videos all day!?

In a word, no.

The YouEarnedIt platform’s streamlined design helps employees get right to the point, whether that’s for meaningful rewards, recognizing coworkers, or grabbing valuable analytics.

Also, each employee has a budget of points to give, so each interaction with YouEarnedIt has useful, positive intent behind it. Translation: The cat videos will stay on those mid-week email threads, not YouEarnedIt.

How do we prevent employees from putting up inappropriate comments?

By default, an employee’s name, image, and title are tied to any interaction on YouEarnedIt, and these can be seen by the whole company. Psychologically, that alone is a pretty strong deterrent.

Of course, we’ve also built in admin and flagging controls as a safety net, but even our Fortune 500 customers rarely have to use these — that’s because our team will work directly with you to help set expectations and launch YouEarnedIt as a platform for amplifying the great work your employees are doing (and score some sweet rewards along the way).

Don’t take our word for it: Hear how a major advertising agency keeps its culture positive and engaged in a high-turnover industry using YouEarnedIt.

Could someone game the system — say, by sending all their recognition points to friends in the company?

Like any good platform, we’ve built a number of automatic and manual flagging features in to catch suspicious activity.

We consider these a last resort, however, because our Customer Success team dedicates ongoing resources to your company to help communicate, launch, and reinforce your goals for the YouEarnedIt platform across the company, helping all but eliminate employee confusion or bad behavior from day one.

When an employee leaves and they didn't use their rewards points, what happens to them?

We understand your team is tackling unique employee situations every day, so we’ve built simple options for handling these into YouEarnedIt.

Whether you want a default process to terminate data automatically or for admins to decide things on a case-by-case basis, results are never more than a couple clicks away. One thing’s for sure: We never charge unused rewards points against your company.

Do I need a separate username and login?

Yes! Each employee will set up an individual username and login in order to ensure privacy and security standards are met. This login will allow employees access to their individual company portal.

Can I login from the website?

Yes, you can login directly from the YEI site. There is a convenient link in our main navigation which will give you access to your account. Plus, each employee will set up an individual username and login in order to ensure privacy and security standards are met. This login will allow employees access to their individual company portal.

Can this live on our intranet?

YouEarnedIt provides user authentication and access that works best for your organization. With our fully documented application-programming interface (API), you have the ability to integrate with your intranet or other social tools, enable Single Sign-on, and much more. Contact our sales team for more information.


Should I budget for employee rewards?

Another benefit of YouEarnedIt (YEI) is that the platform is completely flexible for a company to determine how much it wants to invest per employee. So, the budget is entirely up to you. Remember: you don’t buy points from YEI and we don’t mark up our rewards. That means that you budget whatever you want, and you only spend money when your employees redeem for rewards that have monetary value.

How do we pay for YouEarnedIt?

Simple: add your credit card to your YEI account for easy payments. If you prefer to sign up for a longer-term commitment or have lots of users, YouEarnedIt has invoicing options. Contact our sales team for more information.

Will I need to find a new budget for this?

Eighty-six percent of companies are already investing in rewards and recognition, but in a less formal way. In fact, companies spend one to two percent of payroll on ad-hoc programs that aren’t delivering impact and aren’t tracked in a way that enables HR or executives to tell the true story of how employee engagement is driving ROI.

What “informal” programs are we referring to? Well, think about the gift cards you hand out at the end of the month, along with birthday and anniversary recognition, safety and sales awards, team celebrations, and on and on. All of these add up, are not tracked, and generally lack the impact you are hoping for. Through YouEarnedIt, employees can recognize each other real-time, choose rewards that mean something to them, and you have the data available to show the impact that is being made through employee recognition, reward, and engagement.

What are the tax implications?

We’re not tax consultants (sorry!), but we do know Finance teams love YouEarnedIt because the platform handles all sales tax related to the reward items we fulfill. In other words, the total price of a reward we provide through the software (which is never marked above retail value, and in most cases, is marked well below) includes any applicable taxes already.

Many companies have a policy of reporting rewards (products and gift cards primarily) as taxable income for the employee. Companies should be doing this with or without a program like YEI in place. YEI provides all necessary reports through our dashboard so companies can easily access information on taxable income.

Finally, many companies choose to handle the tax burden for their employees. It’s a decision you should make based on your internal policies. YEI will always provide the reporting necessary to facilitate this. Want to see this for yourself? Request a customized demo here!

Getting Started

How do I get started?

Piece of cake! Contact us to request a live demo today. Once you are smitten and ready to move forward, launching is simple: Add employees or teams via an easy .csv import, decide how many “points to give”, make sure the reward catalog fits your culture, and then you are ready to launch!

We have supporting documents, best practice guides, communication templates, fun & engaging presentations to get started, and even training guides to pass around. Oh yeah, and we have a customer success team ready to help with the heavy lifting and to provide ongoing coaching and employee engagement training. Request a demo and get started today!