Employee Feedback Programs Impact Business KPIs

The secret is getting out: employee feedback software does more than build employee engagement. Real time employee feedback programs are a powerful tool for driving company performance.

The YouEarnedIt Employee Experience Platform’s employee feedback tools drive KPI-building behavior. Here are a few of the ways it works:

  • Real-time recognition instantly reinforces positive behavior.
  • Skill and core-value tags on each piece of recognition communicate what employees should focus on.
  • Behavior Bonus communicates and rewards the specific performance or KPI-enhancing behaviors that move your company forward.
  • Recognition reports give trackable data to inform manager one-on-ones or other performance evaluations.
  • A social recognition feed offers visibility on which behaviors or values are resonating through the company.
  • Peer-to-peer recognition builds each employee’s internal motivation to perform.

We’ve seen the results of real-time employee feedback software across hundreds of customers worldwide. A third-party ROI report showed that every customer surveyed had increased employee engagement after using our employee feedback systems. One transportation company saved over $700,000 on turnover and operating costs in their first year using our platform.

Employee Feedback Tools Build Employees’ Internal Motivation to Perform

It’s no surprise that motivation matters. Studies show that employees perform better when they are internally motivated to do their job.

Many employee feedback tools fail to build that internal motivation. Annual reviews don’t offer feedback often enough for employees to build it into their daily actions. Often, in our changing business environment, plans made in that review are outdated in days or weeks.

The traditional rewards approach in employee feedback systems also can backfire. Offering the meaningless rewards or having employees just work for the reward can demotivate employees.
YouEarnedIt’s employee feedback software is different. Our Employee Experience Platform is built on the science of internal motivation. It offers:

  • The element of surprise. Our brains remember the unexpected. Real-time unplanned recognition has more impact than scheduled recognition.

  • Peer-to-peer connections. Employees feel empowered when they give recognition. They are more likely to go out of their way to deliver work that helps the team in hopes of getting recognition.

  • Clear goal communication. Gallup has found that employees who can connect their personal goals to company goals perform better. With value and skill tags on each piece of recognition, employees can see how their work moves the company forward.

  • Meaningful rewards. Each piece of recognition brings a small, incidental reward. Employees can use those points to choose from a variety of rewards to pick what really motivates them: charitable giving, experiences, group activities, or just a gift card if that’s what they want.

The YouEarnedIt employee feedback system works. It organically builds employees’ internal motivation and communicates directions where they should go.
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Integrating Behavior Bonus into Employee Feedback Systems

Surprise bonuses and recognition for specific behaviors offer powerful motivation. But what about employees who need more direction? Or for actions that are great for the company but may fall outside of an employees’ daily work? YouEarnedIt offers a powerful Behavior Bonus feature in our employee feedback software. It enables companies to create small (or large) bonuses for specific performance-enhancing behavior. By focusing on specific behavior, instead of just results, employees get clear directions on what exactly they should do to contribute to company performance. Here are a few examples of how customers use it today:
  • Drive sales performance. Reward inside salespersons for making a certain number of calls.
  • Build wellness program participation. Employees get a small bonus for getting an annual exam, taking a screening, or exercise.
  • Meet learning and training goals. Create bonuses when employees complete a course or training, or learn something on their own.
  • Recruiting. Offer incentives for referring employees that get hired or offering stories that can be used in recruiting efforts.
  • Meet environmental goals. Encourage employees to recycle, turn off lights, or choose not to print documents.
  • Cost-saving behavior.Some customers have cut costs by incentivizing employees to use less energy or have employees clean the kitchen or office instead of hiring a cleaning crew.
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Instant Feedback App Connects Employees

Many companies struggle with employee feedback software for remote employees or employees whose jobs don’t involve working at a computer every day.

The YouEarnedIt platform is available for remote login online or as an easy-to-use Android or Apple app. This allows employees to check the social recognition feed when they’re on the road or at home after their shift. They can give recognition to coworkers, even when they aren’t at a computer.

The result? Employee feedback software that connects employees across offices, offline and around the globe.

“People just really value the recognition and visibility into departments they wouldn’t necessarily see. A lot of our team members joke that they lay in bed at night checking the YouEarnedIt recognition feed!” — Karl Strauss Brewery

The YouEarnedIt employee experience platform is powerful employee feedback software. See a demo today so you can see how it can enhance your company performance.