Bring Out the Best in All Your Engagement Efforts

Before YouEarnedIt, we had multiple programs serving different kinds of HR functions. We needed a product that had features we could deploy in multiple ways.

Philip Ziman VP of Human Resources, Bazaarvoice

See how YouEarnedIt turned multiple HR efforts into total employee engagement.

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Bazaarvoice case study on employee engagement

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With YouEarnedIt, employees can send simple, peer-to-peer recognition anytime. And because recognition is tied to rewards points, employees are motivated to recognize everyone’s meaningful work.

real-time recognition boosts employee engagement

In just six months, 83% of Bazaarvoice employees were sending recognition to others. 

YouEarnedIt is more than a transactional tool to recognize somebody. It’s really a community.

Rich Murr SVP of Business Technology, Bazaarvoice

To boost wellness program participation, Bazaarvoice got creative with incentives. The concept was simple: Do something good for you, earn points for it, and get props from your peers in the YouEarnedIt activity feed.

Employee wellness ideas to boost employee engagement

Within a year, 70% of Bazaarvoice employees were engaged with corporate wellness, and the company saw a 55x increase in health risk assessments.

We got an email from an employee who found out she had a critical illness. She took her health risk assessment because we encouraged her through YouEarnedIt. She wrote a very lengthy message to specifically thank us for creating that incentive. That’s the kind of reward that’s priceless.

Philip Ziman VP of Human Resources, Bazaarvoice

Use YouEarnedIt’s total engagement platform to manage multiple programs, from recognition and rewards to corporate wellness to people analytics. When you do, the results are rewarding for more than just employees. 

Rewarding your budget: Bazaarvoice used YouEarnedIt to mix custom, non-monetary rewards into its catalog. As a result, the company came in under its annual rewards budget.

Rewarding your health: After incorporating employee wellness into YouEarnedIt, participation skyrocketed, resulting in lower health care premiums for Bazaarvoice.

Rewarding your culture: Finally, a tool employees love and use more over time. Today, three quarters of all Bazaarvoice employees send peer-to-peer recognition.