Take on HR’s Toughest Challenges

We have such a diverse group of people. The overall flexibility of YouEarnedIt allowed us to address our HR pain points.

Ashley Vevoda Learning & Development Manager, Karl Strauss Brewing Company
Karl strauss case study how to increase employee retention

See How They Brewed Success

YouEarnedIt adapts to any company’s working conditions. Whether you have staff on the road, the factory floor, or waiting tables, there are options for adding simple, peer-to-peer employee recognition to the mix.

Karl Strauss saw opportunity in YouEarnedIt’s full-featured mobile apps. Now every staff member from corporate HQ to brewpub crews recognizes great work when they see it.


Using YouEarnedIt’s admin dashboard, managers have at-a-glance insights into who their top talent is.

Our managers have said YouEarnedIt gives them insight into positive actions between team members. People they weren’t really aware of are actually huge team players.

Stephen Zeeb General Manager, Karl Straus Brewing Company

How do you instill loyalty at a company? Retain employees who rally around your corporate values.

Every employee reward at Karl Strauss has been customized to fit the company’s culture and boost employee engagement.

Karl Strauss employee rewards to boost employee retention

Karl Strauss uses its core values as the secret ingredient for success. With YouEarnedIt, not only are employees recognized for demonstrating these, every reward in the company’s catalog has been customized to fit the company’s culture.

YouEarnedIt’s flexibility with the rewards catalog was critical to us.

Ashley Vevoda Learning and Development Manager, Karl Straus Brewing Company

The flexibility of YouEarnedIt allows companies to solve much more than employee recognition and rewards.

Karl Strauss Breweries used YouEarnedIt to incentivize employee wellness and event participation. They also found a recruiting tool.

YouEarnedIt’s “Behavior Bonuses” can reward things like corporate wellness or attendance at company events. Not only are existing employees engaged, HR now uses examples of employees sharing the love to recruit people who share the Karl Strauss outlook.

Behavior bonus ideas to increase employee retention