Scaling Company Culture

All employees regardless of physical location can recognize others in a transparent and timely way. For example, a public-facing retail loan officer dependent on support from an underwriter at another branch can easily and publicly share her appreciation.

Shelly unifies company culture Shelly Loftin Chief Marketing Officer, Bear State Bank

See how Ford’s 1,600 person global advertising agency of record connects their field offices with Detroit.

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Bear state bank case study on company culture

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Employee recognition isn’t just easy to send on YouEarnedIt. Thanks to the platform’s integrations and mobile apps, it can also be easily seen by employees anytime, anywhere.

At Bear State Bank, the Activity Feed became a source of inspiration — 98% of employees now send recognition, and 95% have become power users of the YouEarnedIt platform.

Activity feed drives company culture

There’s no one-reward-fits-all solution to motivating employees. Standard rewards have their place, but YouEarnedIt’s Custom Rewards Engine allows you to mix in rewards that match your company’s culture.

At Bear State Bank, this means employees can reward themselves or others — custom rewards for paying it forward, raising thousands of dollars to rally around employees in need or causes within the community.

custom rewards