YouEarnedIt delivers real-time recognition, meaningful rewards and experiences, connection, collaboration, and actionable insights that drive engagement and business results.


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Transparent and real-time feedback across the entire company

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Actionable insight into impact and meaning

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Engaging employees to opt-in to company initiatives and growth

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Reveal and recognize the positive pulse of your company

Recognize employees and view positive behaviors and successful project outcomes across departments and teams in real time with the YouEarnedIt Activity Feed.

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Give and receive meaningful experiences and rewards

Choose from over 30,000 products along with company-branded merchandise, non-monetary experiences, service awards, and charitable donations – with available international currencies and shipping – all in a powerful rewards engine customizable to what motivates your team, department, and company.

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Incentivize the behaviors that drive business results

Increase the behaviors that positively impact the bottom line and boost participation in corporate programs like open enrollment, health and wellness, learning & development, training sessions, and encourage living out your company’s core values with our Behavior Bonus feature.

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