Redesign FAQ’s

Why did you decide to redesign the platform?

After building out our Product Roadmap and planning for 2017 and beyond, we realized it was time to add more flexibility to our current design. YouEarnedIt will continue to be simple and flexible, yet meet the needs of our growing user base.

When will the redesign flip be switched?

On February 2nd, your team will experience the new design upon logging into YouEarnedIt.

Is there anything I need to do to as a YEI admin to make the redesign live for my team?

We’ve got this covered! We keep saying “flip the switch” because it’s that simple. On February 2nd, the YouEarnedIt Product Team will turn on the redesign for all of our customers.

Do I have the option to stay in Classic Mode?

The answer to this one is no, but we trust you’ll love the new look so much you won’t want to! (And of course, we’ll be right here to handle any feedback, questions, or concerns you may have along the way.)

Will YouEarnedIt be easier to navigate?

The changes we’ve made to the overall navigation within the platform will make key functionality easier to find and use. The most-used features are now front and center, making sure the information you need is right at your fingertips.

Will all employees be notified of the change?

We will be sending notifications through the YouEarnedIt platform leading up to the launch of the new design, one message reminding employees that the redesign is on the way and the other message the day of the launch. We will also be providing learning tutorials to ensure a smooth transition.

I noticed Behavior Bonus™ now has its own section on the navigation bar. What’s that about?

Yep! Behavior Bonus™ now has a dedicated home on the navigation bar and is separate from the Rewards page. If your team doesn’t have the Behavior Bonus™ feature turned on, contact your Customer Success Representative and they can help you get it set up. It’s a great way to incentivize positive behaviors and encourages your team to be healthy, give back to the community, learn new things, and collaborate with other departments.

Will it be easier to track Reward redemptions?

One of the biggest questions we’ve received from our customers has been, “How do I track the status of my Reward redemptions?” Good news. It’s about to be so much easier. Now there’s a “My Redemptions” link that lives in your profile menu where you can check the status of your redemptions from all past or previous redemptions.

Can I still cobrand my experience using our logo and brand colors?

Of course. We still want the YouEarnedIt platform to represent your company’s culture. Your company’s primary and secondary brand colors will still be recognized. If your YEI account isn’t cobranded, simply go to Admin > Preferences > Customize to add your company logo and brand colors.

One thing to note, if your company’s brand color has a darker color included, some buttons and text in the platform may be hard to read. When picking colors, see how the experience looks and edit either one to make it more ideal if it doesn’t look good to you. We suggest using your darkest custom color as the primary color on the Customize screen and the lighter of your custom colors as the secondary color.

Alternate colors are currently the best solution, but we are exploring other solutions and improvements to the cobranding experience in our roadmap planning.

Can I still access important data on the Dashboard?

Yes. The current Admin and Manager Dashboard and all of the respective data will still be available. We’re not only changing the name of the dashboard to insights, we’ve made it much easier to find by giving it it’s own tab. We’ve refreshed the look and feel, too.

And stay tuned! In 2017, we plan to add a version of Insights to every member on your team. The insights that we will surface in 2017 will help drive more collaboration, elevate the right people who are powering engagement and performance across your company, highlight the skills of those people, and enable managers and employees to be more in the know all the time.

Is there a way to see every recipient involved in group recognition or other group activities?

This was another common request from customers, so we decided to turn this dream into a reality. You can now see the names and profile pictures of all of the recipients in group recognition.

Can I see who participated in a Point Pool or team reward?

Another dream turned into a beautiful reality. You’re now able to see the participants in Point Pool rewards. Just head to a specific reward in the Rewards section and you’ll be able to see who contributed by clicking the “givers” section.

I’ve always wanted a way to know when there are new posts ready to view in the Activity Feed. Can I see that in the new design?

We love this improvement. If you’re viewing the Activity Feed and someone posts a new piece of recognition, the system will notify you that there’s a new post available. Click the notification to load the new posts.

The old notifications menu was clunky, and I never knew which notifications were read versus unread. Will there be improvements to that?

Yes! We’ve made several improvements to system Notifications. Notifications are now accessible in the universal side bar, right under your profile picture, Settings and My Redemptions links. You can now dismiss Notifications, mark them as read, and view all of your past notifications in the system by clicking the “See All” link at the bottom of the list. Notifications are much more intuitive with the new redesign!

Are there any changes to the visibility of important milestones like employee anniversaries and birthdays?

Indeed there is. Birthdays and Anniversaries now account for the past four days to include events that happened over the weekend or holiday. You’ll now see two tabs when you click on Birthdays and Anniversaries, one for today’s and one for belated. This way, no one will be left out of the YEI love for these special events and milestones!

Has the Skills feature been changed?

We’ve added many improvements to the Skills feature. Employees can now add up to three skills in a post displayed, instead of just one.

Hashtags are no longer allowed in the Skills field. We encourage employees to use fun hashtags in the body of the recognition so that the data from Skills can be used to drive valuable insights into employee performance.

Admins can now upload a list of pre-approved company Skills, which show up in the clickable dropdown menu in the Skills field. To upload a .CSV file, simply go to Admin > Preferences > Company Values & Skills > Skills tab > Import Skills

Also, notice the new Skills icon is a fun lightning bolt!

This is exciting! What else does YouEarnedIt have cooking for 2017?

Fasten your seatbelts, because 2017 is going to be a good one. For starters, we will be completing the redesign of the Admin section to match the look and feel of the rest of the platform. But we have so much good stuff cooking!

We have major improvements planned for the Admin and Manager Insights, and we’re going to be providing all employees at your company with useful information on their own version of Insights. The insights that we will surface in 2017 will help drive more collaboration, elevate the right people who are powering engagement and performance across your company, highlight the skills of those people, and enable managers and employees to be more in the know all the time.

We also have several improvements to the Behavior Bonus™ feature in the works, we’re working to migrate to a new and better rewards vendor, and more!

I’ve still got questions. Is there someone I can reach out to?

Absolutely. Please feel free to reach out to with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. We’re here to help you every step of the way!