Create a culture of engagement with Slack and YouEarnedIt integration
The YouEarnedIt Slack integration is a simple way to enable real-time employee recognition, anytime.

Already a YouEarnedIt customer? Awesome! Sign in to connect your Slack account.

YEI Admins: Haven’t connected your account to Slack yet? No problem. Simply go to Admin > Preferences > Slack Integration

Employees: It’s a two-step process! Just go to Account Settings > Connect your Slack Account


Real-Time Recognition Made Easy

Send and receive recognition via Slack when it matters the most – in the moment.

Integration as Smooth as Butter

Connect the tools your employees are spending time the most time on.

Easy Breezy Setup

Just a couple of clicks and you’ll be in Slack heaven.

See Recognition in Slack

Boost visibility! Recognition will be posted in a dedicated Slack channel.

Companies use so many distinct tools that do so many different things, and it’s important to have an ecosystem of connected tools instead of a list of standalone utilities.

Tom Grochowicz Engineering Manager, Spredfast
How it Works

  1. Type the /YEI command to create a YouEarnedIt recognition post
  2. Enter the email address(es) or Slack username(s) of who you’re giving recognition to
  3. Specify the amount of points
  4. Craft a meaningful recognition message
  5. Add a company core value
  6. Voila!

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