Does your company use Yammer’s enterprise social networking tool to enhance cross-departmental and team collaboration?

Yes? Well, we’ve got good news.

With YouEarnedIt’s Yammer integration, your whole Yammer network can experience the recognition being sent on YouEarnedIt’s Total Employee Engagement platform. Highlight team appreciation and feedback in real-time without having to leave Yammer.


Enhance the Recognition Experience

View YouEarnedIt recognition posts directly in your team’s Yammer account.

Taking Social to the Next Step

Easily integrate the social tools your company uses to communicate, collaborate, share feedback, and celebrate successes.

A Centralized Place to Share the Greatness

Create an easy access group in Yammer for all of your team’s YouEarnedIt recognition posts.

Easy to Set Up

After a few simple steps, your entire team will be ready to rock n’ roll.

How it Works

  1. Connect your Yammer account in YouEarnedIt.
  2. Create a dedicated Recognition group in Yammer.
  3. Watch that Yammer group’s activity feed as the workplace love pours in.

Already a YouEarnedIt customer? Great! YEI Admins: Just sign in here and go to Admin > Preferences > Yammer integration to connect accounts.

If you’re not a customer yet and you’re interested in learning more about YouEarnedIt’s Total Employee Engagement Platform, we’d love to hear from you.